Solvent Dyes

Our Solvent Dyes are designed to help you manufacture your product by providing the following performance advantages: Perfect colour selection providing the right colour for your products. To help you manufacture high-quality Ink, paint, Plastic products, we can test the stability and suitability of our colors in your product. Plus, we offer strong technical support and prompt shipping.




Solvent Yellow 2


Solvent Yellow 14


Solvent Yellow 33


Solvent Yellow 56


Solvent Yellow 62


Solvent Yellow 72


Solvent Red 8


Solvent Red 23


Solvent Red 24


Solvent Red 119


Solvent Red 122


Solvent Red 207


Solvent Orange 2


Solvent Orange 7


Solvent Orange 54


Solvent Orange 58


Solvent Orange 62


Solvent Orange 99


Solvent Blue 4


Solvent Blue 35


Solvent Blue 36


Solvent Blue 38


Solvent Blue 48


Solvent Black 5


Solvent Black 7


Solvent Black 27


Solvent Black 29


Solvent Black 34


Solvent Green 3


Solvent Green 7