Caramel Colours ( Liquid & Powder)

Liquid Caramel Colors

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of high quality Liquid Caramel Colours and Caramel Brown Colour. The Liquid Caramel Colour and Caramel Brown Colour offered by us is a free flowing agent which has a pleasant odor and sweet taste which makes it ideal for adding in confectionary, deserts, chocolate and liquor. Our Liquid Caramel Colours are exceptionally stable colourants, and exhibit tolerance to a wide range of food with varying physical and chemical nature. This Liquid Caramel Colour is versatile in nature and can be used in food preparations, beverages, baked items, soups, seasonings, etc. All these factors make our Liquid Caramel Colour an excellent colouring solution.

·       Class I: Plain Caramel Color

·       Class II: Caustic Sulfite Process Caramel Color

·       Class III: Ammonia Process Caramel Color

·       Class IV: Sulfite Ammonia Process Caramel Color


Powdered Caramel Colors

We are in the business of manufacturing, supplying and exporting Powdered Caramel Colors. Our Powdered Caramel Colors are widely used in various beverage and food industries. All the base materials used in the manufacturing of Powdered Caramel Colors are of supreme quality. We make sure all the products offered by us meet all the standards and specifications for Caramel as per the Health Authorities and the Bureau of Indian Standards. We are one of the major Caramel Powder Suppliers and prepare precise formulations of Caramel Colour Powder for various food items. The versatility of our Powdered Caramel Colour makes them so useful and popular. Besides, they are easy to store as their sterile nature discourages the growth of bacteria or moulds.

·       Class III: Caramel Powder

·       Class IV: Caramel Powder